SKURK Cheese: More Cheese Please!

Making cheese on a small scale is a rewarding experience!  At Føyn mini-ysteri we are inspired by the artisan cheeses from our travels, however we do not seek to copy them in our SKURK cheeses. Making cheese at a smaller scale allows us to choose our own ingredients and decide what works best for us. We add our own touch, try to lett them pair with our SLURK beers and discovered that making cheese is as much an art as science. We feel that great cheese is made firstly in the field, then the vat and finally in the maturing room.
For more information about our cheeses please see the list below.

Our cheeses

16. apr, 2020


Blue style cheese (Bleu d'Auvergne).
Cow milk (Røros helmelk), Cream, Rennet, CaCl, Sea salt and Culture (Mesophilic Danisco – Choozit MA 4001 LYO 25 C, Penicilium Roqueforti, Thermophilic culture, LH Helvetica)

Process: collected curds, rubbing with sea salt, gentle press/naturally running, drying time 2-4 days, waxed and aged 4-6 weeks at 10-12C.

Notes after 6 weeks:
- Aroma: gentle diary, grassy, medium blue-mold
- Flavour: Soft though complex, creamy, milky and medium blue-mold taste
- Colour: off-white
- Consistency/rind: medium soft inside, the outside/rind is firm enough to keep shape

17. mar, 2020

SKURK GUL (2020)

Edam style cheese.
Cow milk (Røros helmelk), Rennet, CaCl, Sea salt and Culture (Danisco – Choozit MA 4001 LYO 25 C)

Process: washed curds, brining in saturated sea salt solution, hard press, 2 weeks drying, waxed and aged at 7C.

Notes after 4 weeks:
- Aroma: fresh and clear, creamy, sour, grassy
- Flavour: fresh and creamy, with a nice acid and the right salt balance, Edam cheese style.
- Colour: light yellow: just as a young Edam cheese should look like
- Consistency/rind: Very nice medium to young cheese, with no signs of mold and a clear, dry and clean firm rind. The texture is dense with some small bubbles, and it is possible to cut the cheese with a cheese slicer without any problems.
Notes after 8 weeks:
- Further aged texture compared to the 4 weeks version
- Aroma: some extra nutty tones
- Flavour: some extra nutty tones and a more developed taste